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Lansing Gyms – Everything You Need to Know

There are over 50 places to work out in the Greater Lansing area not including martial arts studios or boxing gyms. Of these places to work out, they can be divided into a few different categories. There are cross fit boxes, recreational facilities that have gym equipment as part of what they offer such as Aim High or the YMCA and Court 1, and there are what we will call “traditional gyms” which are places that exist for members to work out.

Lansing Cross Fit Boxes

CrossFit has exploded onto the work-out scene over the last few years, and there are now several boxes (locations) in Lansing where you can get your CrossFit on.

Artistic CrossFit – Located on the border of Holt and Mason, Artistic Crossfit focuses more on functional movement and elegant mobility than on intensity for intensity’s sake. Headed up by functional fitness expert Dustin Taylor, Artistic Crossfit has a great team-based atmosphere that will help to push you to your limits making you stronger, healthier, and more whole.

East Lansing CrossFit – Located in East Lansing, East Lansing CrossFit is young, energetic, and conveniently located for students on campus. Their trainers have been coached to help you focus on technique over speed and power knowing that the two latter will come after you’ve mastered the former.

CrossFit Shift – Located in West Lansing just off of 496, CrossFit Shift offers programs tailored to individuals in order to help them increase their overall physical fitness and help them surmount challenges. Like other CrossFit boxes, they do offer group training as well.

CrossFit Sanction – Located in South Lansing, Sanction focuses on form, mobility, and exposing the body to different metabolic stimuli. Sanction is lead by Dan Romigh and Selina Paupert.

Spartan CrossFit – It is located at 4150 Hunsaker St#D, East Lansing. It provides challenging and fun crossfit programs and etches its impression with its large amount of unique equipment. Other catchy attractions are its free first classes, personal training, 25% discount for police, military, firefighters, students and spouses and no contracts!

Inertia Crossfit Located at 6135W Saginaw Hwy Lansing, it is part of Genesis Lansing. It provides rigorous crossfit regimes and has a team of encouraging and knowledgeable trainers. With Inertia Crossfit, you are always motivated to keep moving forwards and earn something pure, something spiritual in addition to the physical benefits.

Mid Mitten Crossfit Located at 701 South St Ste 02, Lansing, they focus on form and teach movements to everyone initially through the basic 101 class. The staff is very welcoming and they believe that anything is possible.They also provide a One Weekend Challenge. You will be led to believe that you are stronger than you think-which you are!

Lake State Crossfit It is situated at 1161W Clark Rd, Dewitt, Michigan. Spanning over 6000 square feet, it has top of the line equipment, complete with a children’s playroom and a kitchen too! Existing members are all praises for the facilities and their innovative coach. Foundation class starts on the first Monday of every month at 7 pm.


Recreational Facilities

YMCA of Lansing It is located at 119N Washington Sq Lansing and is many things at once- a wellness center as well as a local health and fitness club with a gym. They aim at providing all round development to the whole family with schedules well fitted to everyone’s timetable. They conduct health and fitness classes, childcare programs, day/overnight camps, teen and family activities, volunteer opportunities, swim, sports and play events and special events. They also promote education and leadership.

Aim High Sports Complex – It is located at 7977 Centerline Dr, Dimondale, Michigan. It is a 52000 square feet sports complex with a seating capacity of 3000 people-totally air conditioned. It has 5 hardwood basketball courts and 6 volleyball courts with state-of-the-art scoreboard and bleachers. In addition to this, it also has weight rooms, locker rooms,a Center Court Cafe, full service skills development facility, clinics and game rooms. Free wifi is an added bonus!

Summit Sports and Ice Complex –  It is located in Lansing at I-96 and Lansing Rd Exit 98B. It is a 176000 square feet state of the art complex for multi sports, education, entertainment and business activities. It provides private lessons and programs for all ages and acts as a host to camps and tournaments throughout the year. The main sports attractions are soccer, flag football, dodge ball and lacrosse. It also has video arcades, pro shop and a gymnastics center.

Court One Athletic Club It is situated at 1609 Lake Lansing Rd, Lansing. Its specialty is tennis- it gives strong focus on fundamentals and its scheme enables one to become quickly competent. It has up to date equipment, sauna, childcare, gym towels, cardio/weight equipment, indoor/outdoor pools, basketball and tennis courts and functional training equipment. It is a community minded, wellness driven and child athlete focused center. The yoga and kick-boxing classes are awesome too.


Traditional Gyms

With our days becoming more and more hectic and with the increasing burden of mental work, we hardly devote time to keeping ourselves physically fit. The repercussions of such neglect may not be immediately visible, but they are inevitable. Fitness and workout centers come to our rescue and provide great help in staying physically, mentally and spiritually fit. Lets have a look at some such centers in Lansing, Michigan.

Genesis – Located at 6135 W.Saginaw Hwy, Lansing, this facility provides CrossFit training, but also offers indoor cycling, cardio fitness and gym fitness. It targets at improving your strength, stamina, power and speed. Its basic membership fee is fairly low at 10 dollars. They charge an additional 9.99 dollars for access to tanning and cable. If you are looking for a lasting, active lifestyle, this is the place for you to join.

Golds Gym – Located at 4790 Hagadorn Rd Ste 134C, East Lansing. Its attractions are a low membership fee of 10 dollars, its clean and big facility and the variety of features it provides-exercise, yoga, kick boxing, swimming, sauna, pool, weights and personal training. It is designed for an all round cardio experience and prides itself on being incredibly clean.

Go Workout – Located at 134E Edgewood Blvd, Lansing, it provides personal training and group classes. The frosting on the cake are its track, sauna, whirlpool and tanning. The staff here is all smiles and always ready to help. Its chief attraction is its 12 Week Body Transformation – who wouldn’t want that?! For families that want to stay in shape, this place is a godsend since it provides a childcare facilit!

Planet Fitness – It is located at 5833W Saginaw Hwy, Lansing. It claims to be the most innovative heath club in the US and calls itself a Judgement Free Zone. With a wide variety of workout routines, it motivates you to lead a more active lifestyle and leads you to believe that taking care of your body and health should be for a lifetime and not just for a quick fix. It is a large facility with lots of weight benches and machines. It’s also very affordable.

FLEXcity Fitness – It is located at 119 N Washington Sq, Lansing. It has a great team of highly energetic instructors and hence the workout schemes provided are fairly challenging. At the end of these purging workouts, you are bound to experience a new level of energy and FLEXibility in your body. This center is great for every fitness level because your instructor will adeptly modify the workouts for you.

New Life Fitness – Located at 2495 Cedar St Ste 25C, Holt, MI, this is a full service family friendly gym. It boasts of a 2500 sq ft weight training facility and the latest computerized cardiovascular equipment. It also provides low cost unlimited tanning and childcare too. It is a 19 year old facility with a friendly staff and no enrollment fee.

Marian Fitness – It is located at 3054E Labe Lansing Rd, East Lansing. It is a Catholic fitness center and it supports the Marians of the Immaculate Conception with a percentage of its profit. Hence it is a great place to be helping others while working out! It is open 24 hours and provides a comfortable environment to build your physical and mental health.